Things You Should Know about your Kitchen

Interesting kitchen info and facts for your day.

Think about your chopping board

An average chopping board contains over 200% more germs than your toilet seat. The right thing to reduce more germs in your kitchen is to use two separate boards – one is for raw food and the other one is for the cooked. Then make a habit of cleaning your board with hot soapy water after using. In choosing chopping boards, opt for glass boards over wooden ones since they hold less water.

In addition to your cutlery drawer

Don’t limit your cutlery stores to a knife, fork and spoon. You can find other members called such as a spork which is a combination of a spoon and a fork and even a splade which is a spork with a blade.

It’s only an onion, please stop crying

There are ways to counter those unnecessary tears when you’re chopping onion. You may cut the onion carefully under cold flowing water or try placing it in the freezer prior to chopping. After you finished chopping, squeeze lemon juice to get rid the smell from your hands.

Act right away for a spillage

When you are cooking your favorite food, it can be a disaster when the pan spills over and all the foods start to bake onto the cooktop. Cleaning can be a nightmare! A helpful tip to prevent any spillages is to put a fork or wooden spoon across the top of the pan.

Is the kitchen really the cleanest room in the house?

Though many people think that the toilet is the filthiest place in your home, but actually it’s not. The kitchen sink is a home for 100,000 times more germs compared to a bathroom or toilet. You can buy disinfectants and cleaning products at any plumbing shop in Australia.

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