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How to Prevent Toilet Clogs

Ever had one of those toilet clogs? The ones that happen right after you use the toilet and then you know that you won’t be able to use it for the next few hours because you need to call the plumber again? If you already have experienced that kind of trouble, then it is obvious that you never want to go through the same things again.

Here are some ways for you to be able to prevent toilet clogs in the future:

prevent-toilet-clogs1. Put a small garbage can near your toilet so that you won’t be tempted to throw anything into the toilet.

2. Line this garbage can with a plastic bag so that when it gets full, all you have to do is to remove the plastic bag and throw the garbage outside.

3. Store additional bathroom bags in the cabinet so that you won’t find it hard to replace the ones that you have emptied and thrown away.

4. Use light toilet paper. This will give tremendous help when it comes to being assured that you won’t have toilet clogs anymore.

There are a lot more causes for toilet clogs and one of those is the famous wipe cleaners. The disposable ones, even when they are marketed to be flushable, they are not. Baby wipes also fall into this category, along with many feminine products such as tampons, mini pads, and pads. Keep in mind that all of this stuff should be thrown in the flush and not down your toilet if you want to prevent toilet clogs from happening in the future.

Meanwhile, for severe problems concerning your toilets, all you have to do is give You Plumbing a call and we will give you a hundred percent guarantee that we will be there to assist you and solve your toilet problems in no time.

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