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How to Diagnose and Solve Plumbing Noises

Plumbing Noises can be caused by air hammer or water hammer. If noise is a result of air hammer, air might be trapped and compressed in the pocket or pockets of your water pipes and happens whenever you turn on a faucet or valve.  As you turn on the water valve will release the pressure which causes the loud hammering sound like an air pressure that an air gun releases.

Water hammer, on the other hand happens when water is suddenly shut off and usually starts with a loud sound followed by a series of hammering sounds. The sudden shut causes a rush of water to crash into the faucet valve which will cause the initial loud sound. As this occurs an air cavity and vacuum is formed down in the water pipes which repeatedly surges the water forward until the gradual diminishing of the air pressure.off

Air hammer can be prevented by turning off the water at the mains and draining all the water from the pipes before turning the water back on. This may also be able to address water hammer related noises or you may opt to turn off your faucet slowly to prevent water from rushing against the valves of the water pipes.

These plumbing noises can be very annoying and might keep you up all night. If you live in an old house you can prevent these noises by reducing water pressure or better yet choose to install chambers into your water pipes. Because if left unchecked this might result to a busted pipe which will be a bigger and more expensive problem on your part.  But if you have modern plumbing systems and still have water hammer problems, the air chambers might just be clogged with mineral deposits. A plumber can clean these air chambers so you won’t have to continually remind everyone in your family to slowly close the tap whenever a water hammer occurs.

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