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Saving Money with You Plumbing

Some of us would rather fix our own plumbing and other things that go wrong in our homes. Like the light bulbs, the fans, and everything else that could go wrong. For some it’s plainly possessiveness or because of their tight budget. Yes, there are some issues that we homeowners can fix on their own, but there will still be a great risk that those problems cannot be fixed instead they will just grow worse.

Here are some issues that you will not be able to fix all by yourself and so you will need a plumber, a professional one, to do the job for you.

  • Toilets– We often encounter toilets that won’t flush, so the first thing we do is to use a plunger. However, when the plunger does not help, then you will have to call a plumber because that might be a blockage in your drainage system. And it will be obvious that you won’t be able to do that alone or all by yourself unless you were trained and equipped with the right tools for the job. Otherwise, do not take the risk because you might just make matters worse.
  • Taps– Never ignore a leaking Taps. This will waste precious water and add up your water consumption which will then add on to your bill. This will add up to your expenses. Call You Plumbing for these types of problems.
  • Saving Money with You PlumbingDrains– Pouring Liquid Plumber down the drain is not enough of a solution for blocked drains. This will only be temporary and you can expect your drain to get blocked every now and then and you, having to buy more and more liquid drain cleaner just to solve the problem. This again, adds up to your expenses. Call us for an effective solution.

It’s easier for you to be able to move around the house without any problem if you would only trust your professional plumbers. It will be more budget friendly and you won’t have to think about the maintenance especially when you let You Plumbing install and fix your plumbing system because we offer the best warranties with their services. Not to mention, we are also very efficient when it comes to working.

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How To Stay Storm-Safe Throughout The Year

When the word “Storm” is mentioned in the news, you can’t help but turn around and see for yourself what this natural calamity has done this time. You try and take a closer view as to which part of the world did it cause havoc upon this time. Everybody has grown wary of the effects of this natural calamity not only to themselves but also to countries all over the globe.

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Storm cloud rolls over Lane Cove

Here in Sydney, having storms is not a new thing. Storms are like seasonal visitors. Visitors who tend to destroy everything in their path. Because of this over familiarity concerning storms, we somehow have grown complacent about it because we have been used to having it around and having to repair everything that it destroys. The storm cells that wrought havoc across south east Queensland and Brisbane in late November racked up insurance bills of over $1 billion.

Emergency plumbers across Sydney, including ourselves, were run off our feet helping our personal customers get back on their feet and assisting our business clients to get their doors open again as soon as possible. However, no matter how many people rush into your side to offer help, you can never deny the fact that the damage has been done and that there are some things that will never be put back to the way it was before it got destroyed.

Due to this catastrophe, we were able to contemplate and learn that the old saying “Prevention is better than cure” is still applicable even up to this generation.

Preventing damage from storms, especially water damage, is much easier than the costly repairs that are required after it damages your assets.

The best methods of prevention are also of low impact, and don’t require much more than the investment of a little time and around $20.

You should start by cleaning your roof, gutters and windows. Having mini-dams in these watercourses can mean water flows into your roof or floods over the floors. And then, you should also make sure to secure all loose objects. Even though this sounds simple enough, people often overlook their outdoor environment. There were reports after the recent storms that a cigarette ash tray had smashed windows at a business after the high winds turned it into a rock-hard cricket-ball-sized projectile. Consequently, you should buy masking tape, large garbage bags, and stockpile plastic bags from the supermarket. These can serve as rough-and-ready window coverings to prevent water damage. If a window breaks, and can be stuffed with towels to create makeshift sandbags to divert water. Lastly, stock an emergency kit. Better be safe than be sorry.

When you need an emergency plumber anywhere in Sydney, our friendly and professional Plumbers at You Plumbing are just a phone call away on 1300 857 174 or enquire online via our website at http://www.youplumbing.com.au.

Plumbing for You

Ever encountered having your plumbing system broken? Ever experienced going to work or going to an appointment without taking a shower because of a burst water or gas pipe? Ever experienced knocking on your neighbor’s door asking if it’s possible to use their bathroom because yours is broken? Say goodbye to that. Because now, You Plumbing is here to help you with all your plumbing issues!


You Plumbing is a Sydney based plumbing company who offers excellent plumbing services and quality products throughout Australia. We are ready to respond to any of your plumbing requirements, tend to your dilemmas, and fix whatever is broken in your plumbing system.

Whether we are working for residential builders, commercial and industrial customers, or home owners, we strive to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations and tend to their needs, running the extra mile during each undertaking.

When you need an emergency plumber anytime and anywhere in Sydney, our friendly, professional, and reliable plumbers are very willing to help you and are just one phone call away!  We back all our work with LifeTime Labour Guarantee.

So, when your pipe bursts and you feel as if you’re also reeking with anger, don’t hesitate and call us at 1300 857 174 or enquire online via our website at http://www.youplumbing.com.au/services.

It would be our greatest pleasure and honor to help and to be able to tend to your every plumbing need.

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