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Top Kitchen Design Themes You May Want to Consider

Kitchens are considered by many as the heart of the home. This is why people really try to make not only a functional space but a beautiful space as well. However, there are a number of reasons why some design themes are more preferred than others. These might include cost-effectiveness, which can easily be enhanced over time and its aesthetic appeal to prospective buyers.

Check out the top kitchen design themes that you might want to try:

All-white kitchen

An all-white kitchen is still trendy these days. White kitchens look crisp, clean, fresh, and easy to build upon. In addition to that, you can also add white fixtures, fittings, cabinetry, and other kitchen elements easily. But if you want to add some color, try to add a statement chandelier or bright appliances and dinnerware.

Industrial theme

Another option is the industrial-themed kitchen, which looks rustic, raw, earthy, and workable. Some of the elements you might want to consider are chrome pipes and taps, an exposed brick wall behind wooden shelves, stainless steel cabinetry, and bronze knobs.


Consider bright colours

Meanwhile, you might also want to consider bright colors if you don’t prefer white. For instance, you may choose colour pops such as red splashbacks or blue cabinets. However, see to it that the colors complement rather than contrast. Make sure that they adhere to a neutral scheme for the rest of the space.

Add life to a white kitchen

If you want to add a little life to the clean lines of a white kitchen, try to inject a light wood. Examples of this are painted white cabinets, timber floors, brick walls, and a timber-top island bench.

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Effective Ideas to Save Money On Home Renovations

Budget is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to home renovation. There are many homeowners who shell out more money than they had planned when renovating a house. The key here is to get your dream house at a price that you can afford and not by just going cheap. With some strategic thinking on design, materials, and timing, you can cut costs without compromising the quality.

Here are some ideas to save money on renovations:

Work with what you have
If you have hardwood floors that are in horrible shape and too thin to withstand a deep sanding, try to use deck paint and paint them all dark.

garageBuy unfinished
If you are looking for inexpensive options for kitchens, try to opt for unfinished oak cabinets. There are several ways to make them more attractive by either painting or staining.

Do it yourself
Also take note that a considerable amount of home renovation costs are usually in the labor. So, in order to save, try those simple DIY tasks. You can do your research in books, on Youtube videos, and how-to sites.

Use what you have
If you over ordered tiles for one project, use them in another. Same goes for paint and other materials.

Search Garage sales
Garage sales are good venues to look for affordable home accessories and fixtures such as bathroom cabinets, tile, hardware and mirrors that you can use for your home renovation.

Shop clearanceq
Shopping during clearance sales is also a great way to save. Even hardware stores have clearance sales and you will find items like light fixtures and faucets. There are usually many sales around Autumn, Spring, Christmas and the end of Financial Year.

Purchase discount gift cards and if shopping online, check to see if you can get cash back
For some stores, discount gift cards are available and it can save you money. While sometimes it may not sound like much, it can add up to hundreds of dollars saved if you’ll buy several items.You should also take note that every little thing adds up in a home renovation. So, consider all the other aspects of your home such as your plumbing system. If you are in Australia, contact one of the best plumbing services in Sydney. Work it out with us. We provide professional advice on all types of plumbing services. Large jobs or small, we do it all. For more info, visit our site at http://www.youplumbing.com.au.

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Installing a Home Sauna: a Step by Step Guide

A sauna can be a great addition to any home, it gives a touch of luxury and can be a great escape. There are several benefits of having a sauna in your home. Basically, it is a hot and dry environment that will open up your pores, relax your muscles and get rid your body of toxins. It provides a lot of benefits for both your mental and spiritual state.

Installing a home sauna can be a relatively easy process once you know how. In this article, we will discuss the step-by-step guide of installing your sauna at home:

Choose the Location

Before anything else, decide first on where you want to put your sauna. You can put it on a bathroom or laundry room because it should be installed on tiles or concrete. But for some people, they prefer an outdoor sauna.

Draw Your Sauna Plans

You can try for custom kits based on your design preferences. Have your plan first and show it to the manufacturer and they’ll give you a custom kit to match. They’ll also provide the needed equipment for your sauna to keep running.

SaunaInstall the Sauna Frames

Now, you have to measure where the frames and base plate will go. It may involve some cutting of frames, installing the plates, and nailing the plates together.

Put the Walls Up

Next, is to put up the first wall. Check carefully for it to be accurately straight. In order to secure the end stud to the nailer, use a screw. Then, you can frame up a door opening later. Continue installing the other walls and lastly, attach the roof.

Finish the Frame and Add Electricals

Based on your plans, frame the windows accordingly. Ask for help from an electrician in order to connect the wiring, heating and lighting.

Add Insulation

Try the services of an insulation installer for this task to make sure that the insulation is installed properly and adheres to the safety standards.

Finish the Interior

For the interior, have the cladding boards installed to the ceiling and walls.

Install the Windows

This process might involve cutting windows out of the interior boards. Then, adding the exterior boards and cutting out the windows again.

Add the Heater

The heater is the most important part of your sauna. The installation of the heater will be based on the sauna kit you have purchased. It is important to work it out with an electrician for proper installation.

Add the Extras

The extras may include the lighting, trim, and benches.

Finish the Floors

The material you use for flooring depends on your preference. You can choose a neutral colour that’s comfortable to walk on such as tiles. Now, your sauna is ready to use!

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Essential Design Pieces for your Home

Interior design may vary from one homeowner to another. But regardless of preferences and rules, some design tips are a must-have for every home. These design pieces will complement every kind of home, and suit every design preference for any homeowner.

1. Something you’ll splurge on

Sure, decorating a home must be cost-efficient but a splurge on an item you have been eyeing for so long will be worth it. This will help make the total design of your home classy and elegant (even if you compromised on some pieces). But splurging should be tactical. This means you need to splurge on an item which will be placed in the center of your design. It should be eye- catching regardless of the area you are at home. An example of a splurge- worthy item is a piece of extravagant lighting.

2. Something Basic

After you splurge on the central piece of your design, look for basic pieces to complement it. If you splurge on too many items for your décor it will stretch your budget too thin.

3. Something wooden2888118022_253e973165_o

Some homeowners can’t get enough of wooden furniture while others seem to be wary of using it. But wooden pieces are indispensable in any design, for it helps in adding warmth to any home. It shouldn’t just be confined to the dining room and kitchen. Wooden pieces help to bring an organic feel to any room. It balances the effect of a clean white wall, personal art pieces, and elegant fabrics.

4. Something black and white

A monochrome element will give your design a sophisticated look. Whether you go for a piece of photography or a painted canvas; a black and white piece will add an element of maturity to your home.

5. Something bright or bold

This doesn’t have to be something with a bright color. It can be anything that will stand-out in the total design; a risk as others call it. A risk can be a mismatched piece of furniture or an eccentric vintage find.

6. Something that sparkles

A lighting piece is splurge-worthy because it can give your home a photo-ready finishing effect. Something that sparkles will give your home a sense of movement. Lights are the best pieces to give this effect. Other pieces that will help your design to sparkle are: polished silver-toned metals, sleek satin fabrics, lacquered cabinets and items with sequins or pieces of mirror on it.

This next section refers to items that are essential for any celebration.

7. Cloth napkins

This may be irrelevant for most homeowners who seem to prefer meals on the go over actually dining in the house. But, it won’t hurt to keep them handy on top of your dining table for an element of color and softness for your dining room. Who knows, you might get the chance to eat at home.

8. Champagne flutes

An unexpected celebration is usually a time to pop open a bottle of champagne. It would be a shame if you did not take this advice, and you did not have any champagne flutes for your next celebration.

Lastly, a design should not only be appealing to the eyes but is functional as well.

9. A place to unwind and read

Your home shouldn’t just be filled with decors and furniture. You should also allocate a space where you can spend some time to read a book or an iPad, to help you unwind. A good set-up for this space is a plush chair where you can tuck a stool and a handy floor lamp.

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