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Choosing the Right Vanity for your Bathroom

The vanity is not the most attractive part in reconditioning your bathroom but choosing the right one can make a difference. So knowing the way to select the right materials, size and style for your vanity that is suitable for your bathroom and will function for your needs is essential. Read and learn more of the following:


Find a good spot for your vanity that will not hinder the traffic flow in the bathroom, or obstruct the bathroom door or the door swing of the shower. Take note if the areas around are accessible for cleaning and if there is enough space for foot traffic if the vanity doors are open. Moreover, remember that the vanity has a lot to do with the bathroom’s function, and create a space around it for proper function.

Changing the plumbing around for the installation of a vanity can be very expensive. Placing the vanity at a distance from other bath fixtures is a higher cost for rough plumbing. Look for any plumbing services in Sydney to deal with plumbing issues.


A humid, wet and busy environment is the usual place for vanities and choosing the right materials for your vanity that can withstand this kind of environment is very important. Among the materials suitable for a durable vanity are laminates, wood veneers and thermofoil. Wood should be sealed and lacquered well but it doesn’t guarantee that it will not get any damage when exposed to water for a long time. Also consider the durability of your vanity top and opt to easy-to-clean grout.


In making a decision about the amount of storage you will need, consider the things you really use. Make an inventory of the things you store in your existing vanity and organize everything based on what you need to have in reach and you just need to have nearby. You may consider hanging vanities with drawers for a good amount of storage. In case you cannot change your tiny vanity cabinet, you may install additional cabinets that rest on the counters.


Basically, the size of the vanity follows with size of your bathroom. At the same time, consider evaluating the lifestyle and things you demand for a vanity. This will give you a clear picture of how big your vanity should be. It is recommended to get started with a vanity that is at least 21 inches deep and 24 inches wide.

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Easy Steps to Fix a Leaky Tap

A tap that leaks can give you problems you don’t expect. Imagine that even slow and continuous drops may lead to higher water bills, wasting water and water damage. The good thing is repair on a leaky tap is actually a simple task and you don’t have to call for a plumber to complete the job.

The following are possible causes for a leaky tap:

  • Corrosion of the valve seat
  • Worn out seals and O-rings
  • Buildup on washers and valve parts
  • Loose parts

There are  simple steps to stop the leak and it can be fixed by doing the following:

Materials Needed to Repair a Leaky Tap

To make the process quick and easy, make sure to collect all required tools and materials before you get started. The following are the necessary materials to fix a leaky tap. You can buy these tools at any plumbing shop in Australia.

  • Adjustable wrench
  • WD-40 or other lubricant
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • White vinegar
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Scouring pad
  • Replacement parts

Shut Off the Water

Before starting the job, turn the water off to avoid accidental flooding in your bathroom or kitchen. Search for the shutoff valves beneath the sink and turn off the water to the fixture or turn off the main supply of water for the whole house.

Remove Tap Handles

By using a flathead screwdriver, remove the taps decorative handles. To remove the screws that keep the handles, use the Phillips head screwdriver. For corroded screws or other handle parts that are hard to remove, use WD-40 to lubricate and then loosen the parts.

Inspect the Tap Parts

To loosen the packing nut you can use the wrench and open the stem. Check the packing nut as well as the stem for any indications of buildup or corrosion. Also examine the O-ring and then the washer in the valve seat to ensure that they are in good condition. Clean the parts to get rid of any buildup or deposits.

Clean the Valves

After all removing all the parts from the tap, inspect the valves for any deposits or buildup. To dissolve mineral deposits, pour white sugar on the area and soak in few minutes. Then, take out the stopper from the drain and pour water on the valves in order to wash away dirt and debris. Finally, you can put the tap back in the reverse order of all the steps you did. Replace corroded and damaged parts with new ones. Turn on the water supply and see if the faucet still leaks.

For more information about fixing a leaking faucet, you may visit us at info@youplumbing.com.au

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How is the kitchen work triangle used in Kitchen designs?

Kitchen work Triangle is a term not often understood by homeowners. This method has been used since the early 1940s by kitchen designers to design functional kitchens for their clients. The You Plumbing team has clarified this term by offering the following explanation on how it is applied to create a functional kitchen design.

kitchenThe three main working areas in the kitchen that must be within easy reach of the cook is the sink, stove and the refrigerator. They must be placed in a way to eliminate unnecessary walking between them while preparing food. The main aim is not the shape of the triangle but rather the distance between the 3 points. The following distance is a guideline to consider. Any 2 points should be within the range of 1.2 to 2.7 meters and the combined length of the 3 legs between 4 and 8 meters. Less than this means it could feel cramped and more means too much travel between the points.

From our experience as your bespoke plumbing shop in Australia we realize that the kitchen concept has changed over the years and in the modern Australian kitchen more than one family member may be involved in food preparation. Thus space could be a problem with more movement. Placing an island in the middle is a practical solution to resolve this with seating outside the triangle.

You Plumbing also suggest that creating a second triangle in the kitchen could be used with the oven as a point in the triangle. This is used when the oven and cook top cannot be placed together.

When doing the kitchen design we advise that you visualize how the design will suit your needs. Questions such as: how much traffic will be in the triangle? Can 2 people work in the kitchen? There are many other questions to make this as functional as possible for your specific needs.

You Plumbing, your plumbing services in Sydney, also point out that in some home designs and layouts this triangle may have to be adapted to suit the floor plan. Long narrow kitchens may need to have a second sink area to remain functional. For best planning advice contact our team to assist in planning this very important area of your home.

Contact You Plumbing at info@youplumbing.com.au or visit our website http://www.youplumbing.com.au)

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How to choose a Trustworthy Plumbing Company

Are you planning a renovation or remodeling of your kitchen or bathrooms? Are your kitchen and bathrooms starting to become problem areas in the home? Are you calling plumbers on a regular basis to repair leaking pipes and blockages? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may need to select a reliable plumbing service to resolve the issues before they escalate into expensive and time-consuming tasks.

Choosing a skilled and trustworthy plumbing company is not an easy task unless you follow the guidelines given below. Only if they satisfy each point can you be confident that you have selected the right team.

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  • The selected service must have the skilled and experienced manpower available  to      handle any size task or emergency. The staff must be licensed as plumbers and all other  workers employed must either be journeyman plumbers or apprentices that are  licensed.

  • When requested to do a job the selected service must be able to provide an accurate  estimate that is market-related for the task. Some homeowners will request multiple  quotes to find the right price for the job.

   • Finally and very important is that the quality of the work done must be of the highest  standards backed by great warranties. Bad workmanship and inexperienced workers  can have result in leaks and major problems occurring at a later stage.

For the best service at the best prices in Sydney, contact You Plumbing today and experience total peace of mind with your plumbing system.

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