Risks of Having a Flooded Basement

Basement areas are a great additional and useable space in any home. Apart from the additional space many homes have this area as the centre of their plumbing installations. It keeps unsightly pipes and equipment out of sight and the extra space is ideal to use for creating work or entertainment areas.

basementThere are some things to keep in mind in keeping these areas safe and hygienic at all times. Mold is possibly the biggest danger that is lurking in an area susceptible to mold growth. Mold can cause a variety of health related problems if not treated and kept at bay. Apart from growing in carpets, drywalls and ceilings it will present health hazards to the occupants of the home. Most of these areas are hidden from view and only plumbers trained and experienced in this area will be able to detect wet areas.

You Plumbing experts warn our clients against contracting eye irritations, skin rashes and coughing. Mold is further a danger that can cause memory loss and in extreme cases even brain damage. Having us do regular inspections before any of these problems occur is highly recommended.

Flooding although not as bad for the health is another concern that must be avoided. Cleaning up after having a flood is both time consuming and costly. Having the experts check the installation at regular intervals can eliminate this completely.

A flooding does not only mean mopping and drying the area. Water seeps into the walls, cavities and the floor. These potential problems will only appear and become visible long after the flooding. Prevention is the logical solution to make your basement safe and flood free.

You Plumbing offers assistance in the Sydney area on a 24/7 basis and we will gladly inspect and recommend preventive measures before you are faced with a flooded basement area and the eventual growth of deadly mold.

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