Laundry Room Design Ideas

Many homes have this tiny cluttered room in their homes they refer to as their laundry. No matter how hard we try to keep ontop of our washing , this room rarely seems to be neat and tidy. At You Plumbing, we know this can be frustrating, so we have come up with some ideas to beautify and organise your laundry.

imagesStart by installing a good lighting system to brighten the room up. If the room has windows, open them up to allow light and fresh air into the space. Remove clutter from the room and use clothes baskets with a lid to change the appearance drastically. Having dirty laundry all over the surfaces and floors makes the room look and feel grimy.

Install some cabinets to store cleaning materials as well as providing space for freshly cleaned clothing. Neatly hung or stacked clothing will give the area a neat and tidy appearance. Using cabinets also allows for better control of items needed to do the laundry. These cabinets could hold further house items such as:

  • Detergents.
  • Laundry shampoos.
  • Starch.
  • Sewing Kits.
  • Brooms
  • Mops
  • Extra linen

Another great idea is installing a wall mounted ironing board. This means folding it against the wall once the unit is used. This is ideal in laundry rooms that are smaller than usual. In many modern homes this could be a space not much bigger than a fair size closet.

To complete the project the home owner can be creative and decorate the room in a way that reflects their own unique personality. Flowers, pictures and paint can change this from a messy area into a fresh area where people can enjoy the task at hand. Music piped or installed is another idea that can change the ambiance of this essential and often used area into something pleasant and alive.

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