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Things you should avoid flushing down your toilet

Are you a person who finds it convenient to flush almost anything down to the toilet? Well, think again because you can get serious plumbing problems with this practice. To avoid the risk of more plumbing issues, get these items away from the toilet.


Flushable Wipes

Believe it or not but even the so-called flushable wipes such as baby wipe are not for the toilet. A huge amount of money is spent just on filtering these out of the city’s plumbing system.  


Paper Towels 

Paper towels should be disposed in a wastepaper basket instead of being flush on the toilet. These are very thick and big to be flushed down the toilet.



This item can cause serious toilet clogs, not to mention the embarrassment you can get when they back up into the bowl.


Kitty Litter 

Kitty litter when moistened clump up in the plumbing pipes and makes a clog, so don’t think to flush it down the toilet.


Cigarette Butts

First of all, chemicals are present in cigarette butts, and flushing them might contaminate the water supply. Moreover, they don’t decompose as many people think.


Dental Floss

You might say, this is just a thin little string and there’s nothing to worry about. But take note – dental floss isn’t biodegradable and when they bunch up, they can create a clog.



Toilet is not a place to dispose your medicines. When you flush pills down the toilet, even your pets might have a dose of it. If you want the water supply clean for everyone, avoid flushing any kinds of medicines down your toilet.


Cotton Balls and Swabs

Don’t underestimate these small things because they can bind together inside the pipes over time and cause undesirable clogs.


Feminine Hygiene Products

Flushing these items, because it’s being said on the product’s boxes, is not advisable. The best way is to have a trashcan for each bathroom. You might not be using these items but your guests might.



Diapers should be disposed because they stink but never in your toilet. In fact, your toilet can’t just take this stuff.


Keep your toilet always in good condition or when clog already happened, call any plumbing services in Sydney right away or contact us at

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Choosing the Right Vanity for your Bathroom

The vanity is not the most attractive part in reconditioning your bathroom but choosing the right one can make a difference. So knowing the way to select the right materials, size and style for your vanity that is suitable for your bathroom and will function for your needs is essential. Read and learn more of the following:


Find a good spot for your vanity that will not hinder the traffic flow in the bathroom, or obstruct the bathroom door or the door swing of the shower. Take note if the areas around are accessible for cleaning and if there is enough space for foot traffic if the vanity doors are open. Moreover, remember that the vanity has a lot to do with the bathroom’s function, and create a space around it for proper function.

Changing the plumbing around for the installation of a vanity can be very expensive. Placing the vanity at a distance from other bath fixtures is a higher cost for rough plumbing. Look for any plumbing services in Sydney to deal with plumbing issues.


A humid, wet and busy environment is the usual place for vanities and choosing the right materials for your vanity that can withstand this kind of environment is very important. Among the materials suitable for a durable vanity are laminates, wood veneers and thermofoil. Wood should be sealed and lacquered well but it doesn’t guarantee that it will not get any damage when exposed to water for a long time. Also consider the durability of your vanity top and opt to easy-to-clean grout.


In making a decision about the amount of storage you will need, consider the things you really use. Make an inventory of the things you store in your existing vanity and organize everything based on what you need to have in reach and you just need to have nearby. You may consider hanging vanities with drawers for a good amount of storage. In case you cannot change your tiny vanity cabinet, you may install additional cabinets that rest on the counters.


Basically, the size of the vanity follows with size of your bathroom. At the same time, consider evaluating the lifestyle and things you demand for a vanity. This will give you a clear picture of how big your vanity should be. It is recommended to get started with a vanity that is at least 21 inches deep and 24 inches wide.

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Common Kitchen Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The kitchen is used for many reasons but most of all in storing and preparing our food. In order to get things done efficiently, there’s a demand for a good kitchen design. In addition, you will have a hard time selling your house with a poorly designed kitchen. Many have a kitchen design can cause real troubles. To help you to avoid these mistakes, it’s important to know what these are. Here are the following.

Placing the sink, stove and refrigerator too close together

Ensuring ample space between your sink and the stove is especially important. Imagine this situation: You rinse the vegetables at the sink, chopped, and then transfer to the stove for cooking. An absence of counter space between the stove and the sink would require you to go out of your way in finding a chopping area.

The fridge requires some space too. People usually open the fridge’s door and spend some time looking what’s inside. This could block someone’s way who’s cooking in the kitchen.

Obstructions in the way of the work triangle appliances

For easy mobility, people want to walk directly from one station to another. This could save time and makes cooking convenient. One good tip is paying attention to the direction that your refrigerator’s door swings. For smaller kitchens, one recommendation is to opt to bifold doors on the fridge to save space and energy.

Placing the sink and the dishwasher very far from each other

Your goal is to move the dishes directly from your sink to your dishwasher. As a cleaning station, these two collaborate in many ways from rinsing the dishes before stacking them in the dishwasher or soaking them to soften food remains. The same thing works as well for the sink and the garbage area.

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Unhygienic Kitchen Practices to Avoid

Failure to sanitize your kitchen counter regularly

According to a microbiologist, Dr. Charles Gerba, people failed to clean their kitchen counter regularly, making it more unhygienic than the toilet seat. For thorough sanitation of the kitchen counter, he suggested to use paper towel and disinfectant kitchen cleaner in wiping it down. Throw the paper towel away after using it.



Rinsing but not sanitizing your cutting board

A lot of people use the same cutting board for meats, fruits, and vegetables and unfortunately, they ignore sanitizing these cutting boards. Raw meat on typical cutting board has 200 times more fecal board than a toilet seat. While people only rinse their cutting board, however, poultry and raw meat leave behind campylobacter and salmonella according to Dr. Gerba. To keep cutting boards from germs, he suggested using different cutting boards for meat and vegetables. In addition, he suggested as well sanitizing the board using a kitchen disinfectant or placing it in the dishwasher. 

Not changing out your sponge, dishcloth or scrub brush regularly

Every time sponges, dishcloths, and scrub brushes are left wet usually in the sink, they are exposed to more bacterial infestations. The advice from Dr. Gerba is to change dishcloths weekly and put the sponge into the dishwasher or microwave for thirty seconds. By doing this, bacteria will be killed keeping you safe from the illness they bring.

Not sanitizing the bottom of your sink.

According to the director of the University of Arizona’s environmental health sciences, Kelly Reynolds, Ph.D, The bottom of the sink is the filthiest area in the kitchen but people forget it often. A slimy film infested by many bacteria inhibits cracks or splits in around the sink because of the habit of rinsing raw meat. Moreover, the sink is an ideal place for the growth of E. coli because it’s wet and moist.

Vinegar and lemon can kill several bacteria though not all. A stronger bacterial killer could be a disinfectant spray. You can also fill your sink with the mixture of water and bleach weekly. Look for some of these disinfectants in any plumbing shop in Australia

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How to Incorporate Indoor Plants into Your Home’s Decor

Using indoor plants as part of your interior is a fresh and colorful idea. Indoor plants can alter the atmosphere immediately and make your décor one of a kind. Including plants into your home comes in various ways and these don’t have to use traditional vases and pots.

  • Your room has a lovely happy corner that can be used for something interesting. Have corner shelves to maximize your space. Place fresh plants in the corner shelves, and also store books and accessories to add more freshness and convenience.


  • Your simple table can be made interesting by getting some green paint on it. This green table is painted and polished and is divided into 2 halves. If you add a removable planter in the middle you can give the table a pleasant natural appearance. Another appealing green table may feature a steel framework with small pots below plus vines and climbers.


  • A bathroom can be as fresh as you want. Start by adding an accent to your wall that features natural wood or stone. Look for designs of wood and stones from any plumbing shop in Australia. In addition, wall decoration can also be done by using fresh plants. Get round wall planters and place them at different heights and positions on the wall. Also, you can put ferns or other plants.


  • Your kitchen can also be fun by incorporating plants as décor. You may display some small planters underneath the window in the little portion of the wall. Get three rails connected to the wall and hang tiny white pots. It’s just simple but rejuvenating.


Do you want to learn more décor tips with the use of indoor plants? We are glad to help you.  Visit us at

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Time to fix your Water Pressure Issues

Either low water pressure or high water pressure means there could be a problem with your household plumbing. So don’t hesitate to spend some time testing your water pressure, find out the cause of the problem and do something to set the right pressure that you need.

Low pressuredrops-of-water-578897_640

You may notice low water pressure more often in the shower as the water is flowing slowly and it’s hard to rinse away soap and the kitchen sink and storing water might take forever. To determine if the water pressure is right, you may use a water pressure gauge that you may purchase from any plumbing shop in Australia.

A leaky pipe would mean wasting water, increasing your bill and cause potential damage to your home. To check a leak, turn off first all appliances that use water and see water meter reading. For two hours, stop using water and see if the meter reading increases. If it does, then there’s a leak.

Low pressure is a result of different factors including mineral deposit from hard water and other pipe restrictions, and even a low water municipality. For low water municipality, you can fix the low pressure by using pressure tank where you can raise water pressure in your fixtures automatically.

High Pressure

Check if you have excessive water pressure. You will feel that water comes too hard from the fixture or you often hear a loud sound every time you turn off the faucet. Several reasons are behind high water pressure. These include severe strain on pipes, fixtures and fittings, low level home location or proximity to a huge building with great water needs.

Hire a plumber for pressure regulator installation on your main line. This is the most efficient way to combat high pressure and save your pipes from further damage.

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Indications for the Need of a Home Renovation

You probably think that home renovation is expensive and tiring. However, if you are really motivated it can be an enjoyable and worthwhile process. In fact, renovations are a great way to appreciate your home’s value and make it brighter and more comfortable place to live.

People have various reasons why they decide to renovate such as making improvements to raise the property’s value or making your home more lively. Usually, renovations are for investment purposes and to enhance marketability in terms of selling. If you fall into any of the below categories, you might just be up for a home renovation!

Change for the better

Outdated kitchen and bathroom colours and furniture should be changed now. Don’t be anxious about installing new countertops for they are easy to put up and are less costly. This time you can invite more guests without being worried about your old style home design.

Kitchen: heart of the house

Your kitchen is your home’s heart. A kitchen is a place in the house where families and friends spend much of their time. Now, if you find your kitchen appliances and cabinets old and not in good condition anymore, then buy new ones that are more updated, not only will they look better, but also they may perform better. You should make the place where you spend more time as comfortable as possible

Make Treatments to the House

Renovations can be more practical by fixing things that badly in need of repair or replacement. Sometimes, you might notice that some appliances are already obsolete and worn out such as bathroom tiles that are falling apart or a toilet with inefficient flushing. As much as you can afford, change the tiles, upgrade using a new design or even change the toilet for a new one.

Prepare for Retirement Days

Some people consider spending their retirement days in their homes that’s why it’s important to upgrade the home using features that are suitable and safe for retirees. For example, you can install step-in showers with side bars instead of bathtubs or install toilets designed for limited mobility. For your installment of toilets and other features, you can visit any plumbing shop in Australia.

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Why remodeling your home is a good investment

Remodeling is a great way for homeowners to increase functionality and beautify their property. If you choose wisely the best place to upgrade your living spaces. Most of your time is spent in these areas and if you’re looking to sell the new homeowners will appreciate the upgrade and you may add value to your property in the process.

Planning Ahead

While the quality of the real estate market in your area is important to consider when selling, so is the quality of work you do for your home renovations and improvements.

There are several things you can change that are proven to add value to your property. Projects such as kitchen and bathroom upgrades, adding a wood deck and window replacement have usually given the highest return of investment irrespective of the market condition and property’s location. If you are an investor who chose to remodel a rental property, you can as well recover the cost of the improvement by increasing the rental rates.

On the other hand, homeowners have to be careful in choosing the projects for completion because the potential profit for remodeling can only be gained if there are buyers who are willing to pay the cost of renovations.

Check Location

Any type of project must be appropriate for your neighborhood and the area of a local property. Home improvement costs should not exceed the average cost of the neighboring houses. If you have a greater cost of improvements than the average houses around your property, it may not add much more value to your house.

Moreover, you should also consider how long would it take for improvements to raise the property value. Compared to kitchen and bathroom upgrades, design and structural improvements like building additions or finishing spaces will do more increase value but over a much longer time.

Government Incentives

Since mortgage interest can be deducted from income taxes, the government may contribute to subsidize home improvement that will make construction cost less burdensome on the part of property owners.

If you are looking for materials and tools in setting up your improvements, you can find them in any plumbing shop in Australia, or visit us at

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Steps in sanitizing your kitchen sink

The kitchen is one of the most utilised rooms in the house. For an entire day, a common sink handles messy dishes, leftovers, and standing rinsing water. These everyday chores cause waste to accumulate inside and on the sink leading to stains and odour, making it a community for germs.


In order to get rid of these problems and avoid the danger they pose to you and to your family, learning how to properly clean a kitchen sink well will resolve the dirty issue.

  • Get rid of all dirty dishes and food leftover from your sink first before you start scrubbing your sink.
  • Wash down the sink’s whole surface with the use of soft cloth, gentle soap and warm water to sanitize the taps, the drain as well as the outer rim. Do this cleaning every after use of the sink.
  • Pour boiling hot plain water into the drain to help eliminate any foul odours and soften hard and sticky materials that are clogged in the drain. Make sure to wash down the whole sink with this process. Do the same process a number of times every week.
  • Pour 1 tsp. of baking soda and a quarter cup of lemon juice over the sink’s surface and down the drain weekly. Allow the mixture to stand for about 10 minutes and use hot water to rinse away the remaining residue.
  • Mix together a half cup of baking soda, a quarter cup of lemon juice, and directly pour the solution into the sink drain. When the mixture is in the drain, pour down a half cup of white vinegar. Use the mixture of these ingredients every week to loosen and remove clogs and clean the drain. You can find these ingredients in most supermarkets.

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The Truth about Sitting on a Public Toilet Seat

Stop worrying so much when using a public toilet without toilet paper covering it. All you have to do is to wash your hands after using the toilet. Perhaps, public bathrooms can be a haven for most bacteria since a lot of people are using it.

However, many experts agree to one thing: public bathrooms are not the dirtiest place on earth. According to assistant professor William DePaolo of immunology and microbiology at the University of Southern California (USC), sitting on a toilet cannot lead to infection and even the bacteria found in the toilet’s surfaces are not transmitted easily in your skin. He added that many of these bathroom bacteria successfully live in moist areas such as mucous membranes. Now, in case you sit on a toilet without covering it with toilet paper and you failed to wash your hands, then you are at risk of transmitting the bacteria that you are afraid of. Nonetheless, you should know that the skin serves as a protective layer against microbes.

Well, the truth is other things that can be found in the bathroom such as the toilet paper roll is much dirtier than the toilet itself getting more bacteria. For example, the dishwashing sponge can be a place of 200,000 times more bacteria in comparison to an average toilet seat. Other household things that have more bacteria are video game controllers, smartphones, and kitchen sinks. Don’t ignore your purses which of course are taken  almost everywhere. So, are you so scared of toilet seats? Well, you should be shivering if you find out that that your office desk is much filthier with some 16 million microbes just on your keyboard.

Nevertheless, you can still cover the toilets with toilet paper but be reminded that washing your hands carefully using anti-microbial soap plus an alcohol could do a better job.

For more information about cleaning and maintaining your bathroom you can go to any plumbing shop in Australia, kindly visit us at

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