Time to fix your Water Pressure Issues

Either low water pressure or high water pressure means there could be a problem with your household plumbing. So don’t hesitate to spend some time testing your water pressure, find out the cause of the problem and do something to set the right pressure that you need.

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You may notice low water pressure more often in the shower as the water is flowing slowly and it’s hard to rinse away soap and the kitchen sink and storing water might take forever. To determine if the water pressure is right, you may use a water pressure gauge that you may purchase from any plumbing shop in Australia.

A leaky pipe would mean wasting water, increasing your bill and cause potential damage to your home. To check a leak, turn off first all appliances that use water and see water meter reading. For two hours, stop using water and see if the meter reading increases. If it does, then there’s a leak.

Low pressure is a result of different factors including mineral deposit from hard water and other pipe restrictions, and even a low water municipality. For low water municipality, you can fix the low pressure by using pressure tank where you can raise water pressure in your fixtures automatically.

High Pressure

Check if you have excessive water pressure. You will feel that water comes too hard from the fixture or you often hear a loud sound every time you turn off the faucet. Several reasons are behind high water pressure. These include severe strain on pipes, fixtures and fittings, low level home location or proximity to a huge building with great water needs.

Hire a plumber for pressure regulator installation on your main line. This is the most efficient way to combat high pressure and save your pipes from further damage.

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