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Things you should avoid flushing down your toilet

Are you a person who finds it convenient to flush almost anything down to the toilet? Well, think again because you can get serious plumbing problems with this practice. To avoid the risk of more plumbing issues, get these items away from the toilet.


Flushable Wipes

Believe it or not but even the so-called flushable wipes such as baby wipe are not for the toilet. A huge amount of money is spent just on filtering these out of the city’s plumbing system.  


Paper Towels 

Paper towels should be disposed in a wastepaper basket instead of being flush on the toilet. These are very thick and big to be flushed down the toilet.



This item can cause serious toilet clogs, not to mention the embarrassment you can get when they back up into the bowl.


Kitty Litter 

Kitty litter when moistened clump up in the plumbing pipes and makes a clog, so don’t think to flush it down the toilet.


Cigarette Butts

First of all, chemicals are present in cigarette butts, and flushing them might contaminate the water supply. Moreover, they don’t decompose as many people think.


Dental Floss

You might say, this is just a thin little string and there’s nothing to worry about. But take note – dental floss isn’t biodegradable and when they bunch up, they can create a clog.



Toilet is not a place to dispose your medicines. When you flush pills down the toilet, even your pets might have a dose of it. If you want the water supply clean for everyone, avoid flushing any kinds of medicines down your toilet.


Cotton Balls and Swabs

Don’t underestimate these small things because they can bind together inside the pipes over time and cause undesirable clogs.


Feminine Hygiene Products

Flushing these items, because it’s being said on the product’s boxes, is not advisable. The best way is to have a trashcan for each bathroom. You might not be using these items but your guests might.



Diapers should be disposed because they stink but never in your toilet. In fact, your toilet can’t just take this stuff.


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The Truth about Sitting on a Public Toilet Seat

Stop worrying so much when using a public toilet without toilet paper covering it. All you have to do is to wash your hands after using the toilet. Perhaps, public bathrooms can be a haven for most bacteria since a lot of people are using it.

However, many experts agree to one thing: public bathrooms are not the dirtiest place on earth. According to assistant professor William DePaolo of immunology and microbiology at the University of Southern California (USC), sitting on a toilet cannot lead to infection and even the bacteria found in the toilet’s surfaces are not transmitted easily in your skin. He added that many of these bathroom bacteria successfully live in moist areas such as mucous membranes. Now, in case you sit on a toilet without covering it with toilet paper and you failed to wash your hands, then you are at risk of transmitting the bacteria that you are afraid of. Nonetheless, you should know that the skin serves as a protective layer against microbes.

Well, the truth is other things that can be found in the bathroom such as the toilet paper roll is much dirtier than the toilet itself getting more bacteria. For example, the dishwashing sponge can be a place of 200,000 times more bacteria in comparison to an average toilet seat. Other household things that have more bacteria are video game controllers, smartphones, and kitchen sinks. Don’t ignore your purses which of course are taken  almost everywhere. So, are you so scared of toilet seats? Well, you should be shivering if you find out that that your office desk is much filthier with some 16 million microbes just on your keyboard.

Nevertheless, you can still cover the toilets with toilet paper but be reminded that washing your hands carefully using anti-microbial soap plus an alcohol could do a better job.

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