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Common Kitchen Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The kitchen is used for many reasons but most of all in storing and preparing our food. In order to get things done efficiently, there’s a demand for a good kitchen design. In addition, you will have a hard time selling your house with a poorly designed kitchen. Many have a kitchen design can cause real troubles. To help you to avoid these mistakes, it’s important to know what these are. Here are the following.

Placing the sink, stove and refrigerator too close together

Ensuring ample space between your sink and the stove is especially important. Imagine this situation: You rinse the vegetables at the sink, chopped, and then transfer to the stove for cooking. An absence of counter space between the stove and the sink would require you to go out of your way in finding a chopping area.

The fridge requires some space too. People usually open the fridge’s door and spend some time looking what’s inside. This could block someone’s way who’s cooking in the kitchen.

Obstructions in the way of the work triangle appliances

For easy mobility, people want to walk directly from one station to another. This could save time and makes cooking convenient. One good tip is paying attention to the direction that your refrigerator’s door swings. For smaller kitchens, one recommendation is to opt to bifold doors on the fridge to save space and energy.

Placing the sink and the dishwasher very far from each other

Your goal is to move the dishes directly from your sink to your dishwasher. As a cleaning station, these two collaborate in many ways from rinsing the dishes before stacking them in the dishwasher or soaking them to soften food remains. The same thing works as well for the sink and the garbage area.

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