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How to Incorporate Indoor Plants into Your Home’s Decor

Using indoor plants as part of your interior is a fresh and colorful idea. Indoor plants can alter the atmosphere immediately and make your décor one of a kind. Including plants into your home comes in various ways and these don’t have to use traditional vases and pots.

  • Your room has a lovely happy corner that can be used for something interesting. Have corner shelves to maximize your space. Place fresh plants in the corner shelves, and also store books and accessories to add more freshness and convenience.


  • Your simple table can be made interesting by getting some green paint on it. This green table is painted and polished and is divided into 2 halves. If you add a removable planter in the middle you can give the table a pleasant natural appearance. Another appealing green table may feature a steel framework with small pots below plus vines and climbers.


  • A bathroom can be as fresh as you want. Start by adding an accent to your wall that features natural wood or stone. Look for designs of wood and stones from any plumbing shop in Australia. In addition, wall decoration can also be done by using fresh plants. Get round wall planters and place them at different heights and positions on the wall. Also, you can put ferns or other plants.


  • Your kitchen can also be fun by incorporating plants as décor. You may display some small planters underneath the window in the little portion of the wall. Get three rails connected to the wall and hang tiny white pots. It’s just simple but rejuvenating.


Do you want to learn more décor tips with the use of indoor plants? We are glad to help you.  Visit us at info@youplumbing.com.au

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