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Time to fix your Water Pressure Issues

Either low water pressure or high water pressure means there could be a problem with your household plumbing. So don’t hesitate to spend some time testing your water pressure, find out the cause of the problem and do something to set the right pressure that you need.

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You may notice low water pressure more often in the shower as the water is flowing slowly and it’s hard to rinse away soap and the kitchen sink and storing water might take forever. To determine if the water pressure is right, you may use a water pressure gauge that you may purchase from any plumbing shop in Australia.

A leaky pipe would mean wasting water, increasing your bill and cause potential damage to your home. To check a leak, turn off first all appliances that use water and see water meter reading. For two hours, stop using water and see if the meter reading increases. If it does, then there’s a leak.

Low pressure is a result of different factors including mineral deposit from hard water and other pipe restrictions, and even a low water municipality. For low water municipality, you can fix the low pressure by using pressure tank where you can raise water pressure in your fixtures automatically.

High Pressure

Check if you have excessive water pressure. You will feel that water comes too hard from the fixture or you often hear a loud sound every time you turn off the faucet. Several reasons are behind high water pressure. These include severe strain on pipes, fixtures and fittings, low level home location or proximity to a huge building with great water needs.

Hire a plumber for pressure regulator installation on your main line. This is the most efficient way to combat high pressure and save your pipes from further damage.

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Water Hammer: Rattling Pipes

Constant rattling and noise even at night is scary especially when it comes from something or somewhere that is basically unreachable by your hands at that specific time of the night. But don’t worry; this is not some scene from a horror movie or a thriller. It’s just your pipes rattling again because you forgot to call a professional plumber to help you check the source of the noise.

Water-Hammer-Rattling-PipesThis rattling sound is called a water hammer. This happens when the taps are closed too quickly or very fast flowing water gets stopped for some reason. This is why screw-down taps were produced so that we couldn’t close the taps too quickly which will definitely prevent water hammer in pipes.

When this hammering does occur, the pipes vibrate which therefore produces the noise. There are various reasons for this, which include high water pressure, incorrectly installed pipe work or other plumbing parts, and it might happen if tap washers are worn-out or damaged, or water plates, clips and straps are too tight. Thermal expansion might also be one of the causes of this hammer in pipes.

And this is where YouPlumbing comes in. It is our responsibility to lay pipes properly so that noise and water hammer don’t happen. So if your plumbing starts to make these terrible noises, all you have to do is to call You plumbing to sort out the problem and to be able to make sure that those pipes don’t cause any level of noise in your house again.

Some causes of water hammer are the appliances. The simplest solution is to have water hammer arresters installed. Another cause might be airlocks, which are the collection of air bubbles at the top, or at an elevated point of any plumbing pipe line. It actually depends where the airlock is but you may be able to stop it by forcing it back up the pipe by taking a damp cloth and plunging it forcefully against the spout of the tap, so that suction is created.

There are different sources of these noises that occur inside your house. But all of these can be silenced by calling You Plumbing and be rest assured that as long as you are in Sydney, we will be able to help you anytime, anywhere.

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Water Pressure Problems

Water pressure problems at home are the most common and most dreadful problems so far. Showers and the rest ofwater-pressure-problems-sydney the fixtures at home become less satisfying and doing the dishes become even more of a chore than ever because of these problems. Water problems become worse because there are people who do not have any idea how to fix them or even keep track of their plumbing issues. There are, however, many ways for you to be able to make your water transition from bad to super bad.
When it comes to water pressure in urban areas, this is what happens. Most of the people in these areas get their water from the municipal water company. Water pressure is very high in the main line which is underground. Due to extensive friction, water loses its pressure from the main line to your house. The smaller space, the more friction it can get. This is why when it comes off your faucet; the water pressure seems to be too slow.
In most cases, there are blockages which serve as the major problem and the major issue in terms of the water pressure problem. Chemical build-up caused by the small amounts of chemical deposits that water leave can be the cause of low water pressure. Only chemicals can be used to break down or flush out these deposits.
If the water pressure is consistently good then suddenly becomes poor, then the problem might be with the main line and not within your home.
With the water tank which is one of the aids in providing water for tank water users. The tank may be too small to provide enough water and cause the pressure to go high, the tank might be leaking, sediment in the lines, filters dirty in the pump, or issues with the pump. When this happens, all you can do is to have your tank examined by licensed and professional plumbers for leaks and other problems.

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