How is the kitchen work triangle used in Kitchen designs?

Kitchen work Triangle is a term not often understood by homeowners. This method has been used since the early 1940s by kitchen designers to design functional kitchens for their clients. The You Plumbing team has clarified this term by offering the following explanation on how it is applied to create a functional kitchen designs.

The three main working areas in the kitchen that must be within easy reach of the cook is the sink, stove and the refrigerator. They must be placed in a way to eliminate unnecessary walking between them while preparing food. The main aim is not the shape of the triangle but rather the distance between the 3 points. The following distance is a guideline to consider. Any 2 points should be within the range of 1.2 to 2.7 meters and the combined length of the 3 legs between 4 and 8 meters. Less than this means it could feel cramped and more means too much travel between the points.

From our experience as your bespoke plumbing shop in Australia we realize that the kitchen concept has changed over the years and in the modern Australian kitchen more than one family member may be involved in food preparation. Thus space could be a problem with more movement. Placing an island in the middle is a practical solution to resolve this with seating outside the triangle.

You Plumbing also suggest that creating a second triangle in the kitchen could be used with the oven as a point in the triangle. This is used when the oven and cook top cannot be placed together.

When doing the kitchen design we advise that you visualize how the design will suit your needs. Questions such as: how much traffic will be in the triangle? Can 2 people work in the kitchen? There are many other questions to make this as functional as possible for your specific needs.

You Plumbing, your plumbing services in Sydney, also point out that in some home designs and layouts this triangle may have to be adapted to suit the floor plan. Long narrow kitchens may need to have a second sink area to remain functional. For best planning advice contact our team to assist in planning this very important area of your home.

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