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Flatpack System for Your Laundry

Most homeowners don’t recognise that flatpack systems can not only be used in the kitchen but the laundry as well! This can help create uniformity between the laundry and kitchen, and also increase storage.


Flatpack systems have a lot of advantages in your laundry. You can have a system which is specifically designed to fit your required space. There are various range of colours, finishes, and materials that you can choose from. Most flatpack systems are also economically-friendly as in most instances, you do the assembly yourself.


Choosing the Right Flatpack Laundry System

For some people, choosing the right flatpack laundry system can be a daunting experience. There is concern that that you might pick something that will not fit the available space. Fortunately, there are a number of tools available, both online and in showrooms, that allow you to see how various materials, finishes, and components will look in your designated space. What you will need is some basic information, such as measurements, the location of the windows and doors, and the location of the plumbing as well.


It is possible to install the flatpack system by yourself. However, it is recommended that you have at least some experience working with it before. While you don’t have to be an expert on this, you do need to be familiar with the tools and assembly. All of the elements in a flatpack laundry are already pre-drilled and comes with everything you need to put it together. These include the instructions. You also need simple tools only.

Installing a flatpack system for your laundry may require some plumbing jobs. To finish with high quality results, you can work it out with a professional plumbing service contractor. So if you are looking for Laundry Flatpack installer in Australia, contact us via our site at By working with us, you will be provided with professional plumbers who will carry out the job with desired care and mastery.

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How to Diagnose and Solve Plumbing Noises

Plumbing Noises can be caused by air hammer or water hammer. If noise is a result of air hammer, air might be trapped and compressed in the pocket or pockets of your water pipes and happens whenever you turn on a faucet or valve.  As you turn on the water valve will release the pressure which causes the loud hammering sound like an air pressure that an air gun releases.

Water hammer, on the other hand happens when water is suddenly shut off and usually starts with a loud sound followed by a series of hammering sounds. The sudden shut causes a rush of water to crash into the faucet valve which will cause the initial loud sound. As this occurs an air cavity and vacuum is formed down in the water pipes which repeatedly surges the water forward until the gradual diminishing of the air

Air hammer can be prevented by turning off the water at the mains and draining all the water from the pipes before turning the water back on. This may also be able to address water hammer related noises or you may opt to turn off your faucet slowly to prevent water from rushing against the valves of the water pipes.

These plumbing noises can be very annoying and might keep you up all night. If you live in an old house you can prevent these noises by reducing water pressure or better yet choose to install chambers into your water pipes. Because if left unchecked this might result to a busted pipe which will be a bigger and more expensive problem on your part.  But if you have modern plumbing systems and still have water hammer problems, the air chambers might just be clogged with mineral deposits. A plumber can clean these air chambers so you won’t have to continually remind everyone in your family to slowly close the tap whenever a water hammer occurs.

If you are being bothered by constant plumbing noises you can consult us through our website or e-mail us at


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Installing a Home Sauna: a Step by Step Guide

A sauna can be a great addition to any home, it gives a touch of luxury and can be a great escape. There are several benefits of having a sauna in your home. Basically, it is a hot and dry environment that will open up your pores, relax your muscles and get rid your body of toxins. It provides a lot of benefits for both your mental and spiritual state.

Installing a home sauna can be a relatively easy process once you know how. In this article, we will discuss the step-by-step guide of installing your sauna at home:

Choose the Location

Before anything else, decide first on where you want to put your sauna. You can put it on a bathroom or laundry room because it should be installed on tiles or concrete. But for some people, they prefer an outdoor sauna.

Draw Your Sauna Plans

You can try for custom kits based on your design preferences. Have your plan first and show it to the manufacturer and they’ll give you a custom kit to match. They’ll also provide the needed equipment for your sauna to keep running.

SaunaInstall the Sauna Frames

Now, you have to measure where the frames and base plate will go. It may involve some cutting of frames, installing the plates, and nailing the plates together.

Put the Walls Up

Next, is to put up the first wall. Check carefully for it to be accurately straight. In order to secure the end stud to the nailer, use a screw. Then, you can frame up a door opening later. Continue installing the other walls and lastly, attach the roof.

Finish the Frame and Add Electricals

Based on your plans, frame the windows accordingly. Ask for help from an electrician in order to connect the wiring, heating and lighting.

Add Insulation

Try the services of an insulation installer for this task to make sure that the insulation is installed properly and adheres to the safety standards.

Finish the Interior

For the interior, have the cladding boards installed to the ceiling and walls.

Install the Windows

This process might involve cutting windows out of the interior boards. Then, adding the exterior boards and cutting out the windows again.

Add the Heater

The heater is the most important part of your sauna. The installation of the heater will be based on the sauna kit you have purchased. It is important to work it out with an electrician for proper installation.

Add the Extras

The extras may include the lighting, trim, and benches.

Finish the Floors

The material you use for flooring depends on your preference. You can choose a neutral colour that’s comfortable to walk on such as tiles. Now, your sauna is ready to use!

Some of the steps mentioned above might require some plumbing works. Call the best plumbing services in Sydney to help you with those tasks. Visit our site for reliable plumbing services. Whatever plumbing need you have, we got you covered.

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Impressive Bathroom Trends You Need To Know

Back in the old days, the bathroom wasn’t considered an important space so they were very functional, with a  little design.

The modern day has paved a new wave of bathroom design. The bathroom has changed from pure functionality to what we now regard as a place of relaxation and hygiene. These rooms now present a wide array of fixtures and fittings that cater to your artistic expression. If you’re planning to renovate or redesign yours, here are few things our expert plumbers want you to know!


Start by selecting a motif and a color scheme. You can visit our plumbing website to browse the diverse styles of showers, toilets, baths, sinks and other elements that will reflect your chosen look. Once you have the complete picture, you can focus on details.trends

First, consider the size of your bathroom to know the amount of space you can work in. If it’s small, make it look larger by installing a freestanding bath, wall-mounted toilet, skylight or large windows. If you’re concerned about privacy, try a privacy screen outside the windows.

Next, choose a vanity that would match your tap and sink. Consult us for the best position that complements the lightings and the vanity the best for these two elements must collaborate. You might also want to add storage nearby.
You’d be surprised how much a little redecorating, even with inexpensive items, could do to impact the ambiance of your bathroom.

Bathroom Ideas For Each Space

  • Tub – Freestanding baths accentuate as minimalist sculptures so choose aptly
  • Fittings – The extensive range of designs available now make it hard to find the perfect combination. Shower heads are perfect for comfort and water conservation too.
  • Sinks – From drop-ins to vessels, and the benchtop surface to match
  • Toilets – Modern designs like a cistern inside the wall cavity or a wall-mounted toilet can make a huge difference to space perception
  • Screens – Consider a frameless screen and a grating for drainage. Else, there are hundreds of designs to choose from.
  • Tiles – Colors, patterns, and sizes. Materials from ceramic, porcelain, glass and metallic. Pointed edges and round edges. Mix and match because your choices are endless from wall to floor.
  • Lighting – A very important factor in your bathroom, or anywhere in a room. Know where you want it and how to get it there by consulting us for this meticulous and complex aspect.
  • Windows – exploit the natural light by experimenting with your windows. Modern bathrooms now have larger windows and even a skylight.
  • Storage – Match your storage units with your design and with more organized and efficient compartments.

For more bathroom ideas, visit us at or email us at

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