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Washing Machines Top Loaders or Front Loaders

You may not realise it, but the washing machine is one of the most essential appliances in your home. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most used. With these, it is important that you get the one that meets your needs and requirements. There are two main options that you can choose from: the top loader and the front loader. To help you find out which one is best for you, we have outlined the pros and cons of each type.

The Top Loaders
This is the most common type of washing machine used in homes. It gets its name from the lid on top where you place the clothes. It has a tub that sits vertically in the machine and an agitator located in the middle. IT washes by churning the clothes, soap and water together.

One of the main advantages of top loading washing machines is they are generally cheaper to buy compared to front loading machines. However, they might cost you more to run over time. If you are looking for a larger capacity machine, lots of top loaders have large capacities and you have several options to choose from. Moreover, its wash cycle is generally fawashingster than that of a front loader.

Although popular, these are not the most efficient type of washing machines because they tend to use more water. Also, you have to consider the space that is required if you have a top loader washing machine. You should have access to the top of the machine and therefore, you can’t stack your dryer above it. Its agitator can also cause the clothes to wear out quicker.

The Front Loaders
Nowadays, front loading washing machines are becoming more popular in homes. It has a drum that sits horizontally in the machine but doesn’t have an agitator like a top loader. The drum rotates and uses gravity to drop the clothes back into the water. You have to open the door on the front of a unit in order to fill and empty the machine.

Top loaders are more gentle on clothes and most of these machines have high energy ratings. They typically use just around 1/3 of the water with that of a top loader. The absence of an agitator enables you to do larger loads of washing. This type of washing machine also spins faster. So, your clothes are drier straight out of the machine.

Another advantage is you can stack the washer with your dryer, which saves you much needed space in the laundry. But just be aware that it uses detergents that are specifically designed for toad loading machines. Typically, they are expensive but overtime, they will pay for themselves in reduced energy and water costs.

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Building a healthy bathroom

Ways to Ensure a Healthy Bathroom

While a bathroom is a place to get clean or relax, it is also important to note that it should also be a healthy part of your house or any building. Factors such as poor ventilation, toxic materials, or impure water in the bathroom can pose risks to your health. Here are some ways to ensure that your bathroom is healthy.

fan Having Proper Ventilation

Let’s start with the ventilation. Steam and moisture are just some of the common things that a bathroom produces. If it is not properly ventilated to the outside of the home, some problems may occur, structurally as well as health-wise. Your bathroom should have a relative humidity of around 35 to 45 percent. Take note that mould starts to grow at a relative humidity of 70% and it can cause health problems such as respiratory conditions and eczema. With these, we suggest the use of natural ventilation. That is, opening a window. However, if it is not feasible, a good exhaust fan is a necessity.

Installing Shower Filters

Most people don’t realise that the water they are using for the shower is actually filled with chemicals like chlorine. While such chemicals have the purpose of killing the germs in our drinking water, showering in them can pose respiratory problems and skin rashes to some people. Having dry skin and hair can also be the result of using water with chemicals. One great way to avoid such problems is to install a shower filter. We suggest that you look for a KDF filter. This kind of filter use small particles of zinc and copper that can filter up to 99% of the chlorine from the water.

Opt for Environmentally Friendly Materials

When it comes to materials, environmentally friendly ones can be your best choice. They not only makes your bathroom green, but also contribute to a healthier environment. For example, a particle board usually contains formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen. So, use real timber instead wherever possible. We also recommend the use of natural stone as it is sealed with non toxic materials. Also, look for paints, adhesives, and materials that have low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). If you are familiar with the smell of paint, that is caused by VOCs which are dangerous to your health. Take note that some materials emit low levels of VOCs over their lifetime and can build up overtime.

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Essential Things that You Must Know About Your Bathroomware

Essential Things that You Must Know About Your Bathroomware

Bathroomware refers to all the fittings that are used in a bathroom. There is some important information that you need to know before choosing the right bathroomware for you. Your plumber or builder can give you the information about these things or you might discover them for yourself.

There are two essential things you need to know with regards to your toilet. Firstly, you need to check if the waste outlet goes through the floor or out the wall. If it is connected through the floor, you need to find out the set out distance (distance from the wall to the center of the waste outlet in the floor).

Secondly, you need to determine how the water gets into the cistern. A bottom inlet has a stop tap on the wall and a metal hose that goes up to the cistern. If you cannot see anything, then it is a back or rear inlet where the water is entering the cistern through the wall and into the back.

Regardless of how much space you have or the current design of your bathroom, you can choose from a freestanding bath or a drop in/inset bath. Once decided, you can then choose the type of material you would like. Take note that every material has its own pros and cons. For instance, if you choose a stone bath, see to it that your floor can hold its weight.

There are many choices for tapware. However, you should know your restrictions in order to avoid the mistake of purchasing an item that won’t work with your bathroom. For instance, most homes made of brick may have to stick with what is already there. Some older plumbing requires separate hot and cold taps with jumper valves, and won’t support newer technologies.

You have 3 main choices for showers: a fixed arm and rose that is attached to the wall or the ceiling, a hand shower on a rail or bracket, or an exposure rail with a fixed rose and hand shower on one rail. If you are unable to move your current water inlet location or won’t be retiling, you can select an option that’s appropriate for the current placement of the water inlet.

Knowing where your current pipes are for your basin is an advantage since the vanity usually needs to have cupboards on that side. If you have pipes that go through the floor, avoid using a wall hung vanity since the pipes will be visible at the bottom. You can also have the vanity sitting on the floor with a kicker or with legs.

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Bathroom Renovation Rules to Follow

A bathroom renovation is one of the most complex projects that a homeowner can undertake. Thus, it is very important to carefully plan the layout before building one. Ensure that the space is being used effectively, also, do not compromise the functionality of the room with regards to its aesthetics. Aside from those, you have to consider also the local planning, building and bathroom safety regulations.bath

Regardless of the size, one of the main considerations for a bathroom is the amount of space between each major fixture. There are a number of bathroom rules that you have to be aware of. For instance, local plumbing codes often specify such distances. Adequate ventilation and heating are also needed. The access to the bathroom should be unhindered, with its doors placed properly. For convenient use, fixtures like the shower, toilet, bath and basin must be placed efficiently with respect to each other.

Fittings in a Bathroom
For the fittings in a bathroom, the following rules may apply:
The toilet should not be in line with an open door for privacy purposes.
The hand basin should be near the door for convenience.
The shower door must not clash with the bathroom door.
When it comes to drainage, there should be appropriate fittings close to bath and/or toilet. This could be a sensible precaution if a basin or bath overflows.

Accessory Placement
The positioning of all bathroom fittings must also include the placement of appropriate accessories and fixtures. During your planning process, it must be taken into account for convenience. Some of the accessories and fixtures include the power points, towel rails, towel rings, toilet roll holder, lighting, mirrors, and storage.

Take note that bathrooms are wet rooms. Thus, further safety precautions are required. These include the placement of electrical outlets, rails and steps. Take a look at the following:
The location of light switches and power points should not be within reach of a person seated or standing in the bathtub or shower.
For heated towel rails, they must be placed away from any water source.
You can also install grab rails and steps for safe entry/exit into a bath or spa.
Also choose non-slip flooring for safety purposes.

If you decide to change the configuration of your bathroom, the cost may significantly increase, especially if plumbing work is required. Opt for authorised plumbing products that adhere to planning and building regulations. For plumbing supplies in Australia, visit our site at for reliable recommendations as well as high quality products and services.

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