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Gas Hot Water At Its Best!

Who would ever bath in cold water? Humans are not whales to swim along a cold water. That is why You Plumbing is offering Gas Hot Water for hot, safe, and energy-savvy water for your everyday use.

So what can a Gas Hot Water do?

Advantages of a continuous flow gas hot water system:

1. cost effectiveness and their energy efficiency

2. it is compact

3. easy to install

4. require less maintenance

5. able to supply a continuous supply of hot water

What cost savings can I achieve compared to an electric system?

There are a number of factors that affect this figure, so this amount can only be given in general terms. If natural gas (reticulated gas) is available, the average family is likely to save approximately 50% on their water heating costs.

How does it work?

The Gas Hot Water system has a heating element which heats the water as it flows through it, with a thermostat that controls the temperature of the flame.

Do gas heaters supply a continuous flow of hot water?

Gas heaters only heat the water as you use it, so you should never run out of hot water.

Can I adjust the water temperature at all?

Yes. A controller allows you to adjust the temperature of the hot water to an accuracy of plus or minus one degree. This means that you can adjust the water temperature to suit the use at any one time. For example, you are able to have the water set at 50 degrees to wash dishes in the kitchen, and then adjust it down to 40 degrees to have a shower. This can also be of benefit if you have small children, as the temperature of the water can be lowered as a safety precaution, so they are not scalded if the hot water outlet is accidentally turned on while bathing.

Flow rates

In this context, flow rates are used to describe the amount of water a unit is able to heat. The flow rate denotes how many liters per minute of water the unit can supply at a temperature rise of 25 degrees. For example, a unit that supplies 17 liters of water per minute that has been heated 25 degrees, from an average water temperature of 15 degrees to the temperature needed to have a shower (40 degrees).

Where is a gas heater installed?

It is installed outdoors.

In terms of capacity, how do I know which system is right for my home?

You need to calculate the amount of hot water that you are likely to use at any one time in your home and then find pick a unit which is able to meet this need. This can be calculated in an approximate manner using the number of bathrooms in the house, coupled with the climate in which the system will be installed.

Are your systems compatible with water saving shower heads and taps?

Yes, as long as all of the operating parameters of the hot water unit have been met. In addition, the Bosch Premium Controller has a water saver function which sounds an alarm when a predefined level is reached.

Safety Features

Units that can be 50 degrees locked. Controllers also allow you to set and lock the system to temperatures as low as 37 degrees to make bathing and showering safer for children.

Additional Features

Look for systems that give you the option of having multiple temperature controllers fitted. This gives you individual control of the water temperature in four rooms of your home.

Gas Hot Water is manageable and safer to use. For more info, visit our site, You Plumbing, Sydney’s number one choice for plumbing supplies and services:

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Low Budget Kitchen Renovation

The appearance of your kitchen definitely has an impact on the appearance of your entire home. For instance, if your kitchen looks tired and worn, the atmosphere of your home may feel tired and worn as well. Fortunately, a low budget kitchen renovation project can already help to create a fresh atmosphere without breaking the bank. This article will serve as your guide to kitchen renovations without spending too much money.

Refacing Your Kitchen

If your kitchen foundations are still in good condition and don’t necessarily need to be replaced, you should try refacing. This requires just replacing cabinet doors or painting your existing doors, drawer fronts, and exposed panels. For a stylish boost, you can install acrylic splashbacks over your existing tiles, this will help you achieve a very different, modern look, for a fraction of the cost. Refacing can cost you around $5000 or less.

You may also consider the services of a basin and bath resurfacing expert to … your sink instead of replacing it. Remember that the cost of resurfacing a sink is typically less than the cost of replacing it with a lower quality sink.

Try Replacing Your Kitchen Entirely

If you have a larger budget, you can to try replacing your kitchen entirely. This will cost you more, but depending on the look you’re after, or the purpose of the renovation, could be the best option for you. A kitchen could cost just about anything to renovate, depending on style, appliances, and customization.

The difference between a budget kitchen and a high-end kitchen can be based on the materials chosen as well as the quality of appliances. In order to save money when doing a full kitchen renovation, opt for less expensive materials that look just as stylish as high-end ones.

Here are some tips on how to save money for your kitchen renovation:

In terms of flooring, vinyl is the cheapest kitchen floor material that you can buy. The advantage of this material is that it is stain and scratch resistant. Compared to stone or ceramic tiles, it is softer and more slip resistant as well.

Also, choose flat pack kitchens since they are cheaper compared to custom built cabinets but can be built just as well. Installation can be done by you or a local cabinet maker. It can be done quickly and using simple tools.

You can also save a lot of money if you select plastic laminate kitchen benchtops instead of stone or solid wood.

In terms of the paint, try to talk to your local paint supplier first in order to get the appropriate paint for kitchens and other wet areas.

Talk to a local lighting supplier about the various energy saving lighting options. They may actually pay for themselves in reduced energy consumption over time.

To save on plumbing and electrical costs, avoid moving the location of your sink, dishwasher, and appliances.

For more ideas about some budget kitchen renovation, try to check out our Learning Centre Page. You’ll be presented with a lot of options to make your budget kitchen look like a million dollar kitchen.

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Gas Heating and Gas Pipe Experts: You Plumbing

Having problems with your gas lines? As long as you are in Sydney, and as long as you trust the best gas heating and gas pipe experts from You Plumbing Team, you will be able to witness our expertise, the professionalism, and prowess. We are already trusted in hundreds of homes all over Sydney. We work hard to provide you with the highest and the best level of service which is guaranteed as second-to-none.


We will assist you with all your gas line problems including installing gas heating into your home and also repairing broken gas lines. We do gas oven installations, and gas water heaters which will allow you to enjoy endless instant hot water. Another service is our gas barbecue connection which will help you enjoy your outdoor gatherings and fun with the family. Fixing gas leaks is one of our specialties. We are very experienced in gas safety so you don’t have to worry. All you need to do is call us. We will also provide new gas lines and repairs on your gas lines when needed.

The You Plumbing team will always be here to help you with your gas plumbing needs all over Sydney. We will never get tired of providing you with all the services that we can give just to make you smile and be satisfied with the state of your plumbing issues at home.

We are open and available 24/7 and we have the capacity of doing a lot of things as long as it involves plumbing.
For your plumbing needs and issues, just call You Plumbing and our crew will be at your front door immediately and you will be able to experience a plumbing service like no other. Call now, see for yourself.

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Cool Innovations for Your Bathroom

Thinking about getting a new job done to your bathroom? There are a lot of ways to be able to innovate your bathroom, upgrade the efficiency of your appliances and be able to have the value of your house upgraded. These jobs can range from the simplest to the most complex type of job including tear down renovations.

We at You Plumbing would like to give you ideas on how you can have your bathrooms upgraded.

Fixing up the Fixtures

You should replace those rusty sinks and shower fixtures with something funkier like bronze or brass and use lower faucets to be able to save water at the same time.









Futuristic Showers

If you have cash to spare and want to renovate your showers, then why not buy multiple shower heads to double the pleasure of taking a shower?  I know it costs a lot but the cost will suffice for the satisfaction that you will get once you turn on that shower switch.










Redo the Walls and Floor

Another way to beautify your bathroom is to change the design of the walls and the floor. If you have a lot of resources then you can put marble tiles on your rest room floors or why not use a uniform color and design for your walls and floor? You can do groovy stuff to your rest room as long as you have the creativity and enough resources to be able to apply all those ideas and bring them to life.



Install an electric heater on the wall to keep your rest room cozy and warm. Sure, it will require serious electrical work however believe me, it will all be worth it.

Even when these jobs sound so simple, be aware that they require heavy work and a lot of resources and so you should be mindful of the things that you install and but for your bathroom. Also, you should keep in mind that you can do anything you want to your home as long as you have enough resources.

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