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Toilet Disasters

Ever had one of those toilet disasters? The ones that happen right after you use the toilet and then you know that you won’t be able to use it for the next few hours because you need to call the plumber again? If you already have experienced that kind of trouble, then it is obvious that you never want to go through the same thing again.


Here are some ways for you to be able to avoid having toilet disasters:

1. Put a small garbage can near your toilet so that you won’t be tempted to throw anything into the toilet.

2. Line this garbage can with a plastic bag so that when it gets full, all you have to do is to remove the plastic bag and throw the garbage outside.

3. Store extra bathroom bags in the cabinet so that it will be easy to replace those that you have emptied and thrown away.

4. Use light toilet paper. This will give tremendous help when it comes to being assured that you won’t have toilet clogs anymore.

There are a lot more causes for toilet problems and one of those is the famous wipe cleaners. The disposable ones, even when they are marketed to be flushable, they are not. Baby wipes also fall into this category, along with many feminine products such as tampons, mini pads, and pads. Keep in mind that all of this stuff should be thrown in the flush and not down your toilet if you won’t want another toilet disaster to happen into your home.

For serious problems concerning your toilets, all you have to do is give You Plumbing a call and we will give you a hundred percent guarantee that we will be there to assist you and to solve your toilet problems.

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Water Hammer: Rattling Pipes

Constant rattling and noise even at night is scary especially when it comes from something or somewhere that is basically unreachable by your hands at that specific time of the night. But don’t worry; this is not some scene from a horror movie or a thriller. It’s just your pipes rattling again because you forgot to call a professional plumber to help you check the source of the noise.

Water-Hammer-Rattling-PipesThis rattling sound is called a water hammer. This happens when the taps are closed too quickly or very fast flowing water gets stopped for some reason. This is why screw-down taps were produced so that we couldn’t close the taps too quickly which will definitely prevent water hammer in pipes.

When this hammering does occur, the pipes vibrate which therefore produces the noise. There are various reasons for this, which include high water pressure, incorrectly installed pipe work or other plumbing parts, and it might happen if tap washers are worn-out or damaged, or water plates, clips and straps are too tight. Thermal expansion might also be one of the causes of this hammer in pipes.

And this is where YouPlumbing comes in. It is our responsibility to lay pipes properly so that noise and water hammer don’t happen. So if your plumbing starts to make these terrible noises, all you have to do is to call You plumbing to sort out the problem and to be able to make sure that those pipes don’t cause any level of noise in your house again.

Some causes of water hammer are the appliances. The simplest solution is to have water hammer arresters installed. Another cause might be airlocks, which are the collection of air bubbles at the top, or at an elevated point of any plumbing pipe line. It actually depends where the airlock is but you may be able to stop it by forcing it back up the pipe by taking a damp cloth and plunging it forcefully against the spout of the tap, so that suction is created.

There are different sources of these noises that occur inside your house. But all of these can be silenced by calling You Plumbing and be rest assured that as long as you are in Sydney, we will be able to help you anytime, anywhere.

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